Wednesday, May 25, 2011



it all started with a cosmic cloud of gas and lies
bad cheques floating imn space
junk bonds dancing on Wall Street
deserted mortgages without homes
broken bankers covered in soot and ash
suddenly losing their braggadocios tone
listening to the birds at sing sing
looking for a government fifty years in debt
printing invisible money
to pay the bankers who stalk the poor
and piss on the vegetation
rotting bodies of another war
vanishing lakes and rivers
by the flesh of greed and hunger
and another exploding Ponzi scheme

10 comments: said...

I sympathise with the drift of this draft - there is a good poem here

rlavalette said...

And not a single bailout anywhere in sight, I suppose.

Solid work.

soulsmusic said...

Protest poetry seems to be catching on. Nice one, Wayne.


Judie said...

This struck a nerve. We lost all of our 401K in the financial crisis! I can REALLY relate to this poem!!!

woodennickel said...

Well! You were really in a snit on this one. I believe the financial angst that all of us have suffered is an indictment of our human morality. We are the bankers the bankers are us. I truly enjoyed the picture of you and Cadence. I like your hat.

sharplittlepencil said...

Wayne, attitude is everything. There is much truth in this view of Creation. I wrote one that was etheral, one that was snarky. Think you're up to the snarky one!! Amy

Mad Kane said...

I like your imagery.
Mad Kane

imnotaverse said...

Angry poetry is always interesting for the reader. I hope you work on this draft some more.

flaubert said...

An excellent foundation here, Wayne. Angry is good.


Mr. Walker said...

Wayne, it seems no one escapes the explosion. The question is what do we do after? Thanks for your thoughts and feelings in this poem.