Friday, December 17, 2010

Dead Man Burning

1. About the Dead Man and Burning

The dead mans' ashes are smouldering with burnt memories.
There are no pressures left inside a pulse.
A throbbing mind in a lost voice.
It surrounds inside a remaing piece of silence.
It sticks to a heart like pain.
The sharp skin pierces the body cloth­.
A dead head attached beneath glowing hair.
One halting breath to a fevered cello.
There are broken strings and soured membranes.
The senses are eating the starving voice.
Nothing is left inside to burn just smoulder.
A heartbeat turned down with the volume low.

2. More About the Dead Man and Burning

Still smouldering with need and churning over with lust.
The body prays it wouldn't pain so damn much.
There are voices of yesterday torching the soul.
Something touches the cavity under the heart.
The burning memories start to bleed away.
Under the bloodshot tears there are persecuted eyes.
The throbbing drumbeats are not ready to sleep.
The memory of Fred Astaire dancing with the stars.
Nothing ends and never stops.
The wind keeps talking in tongues.
A soul never gets tired has no needs.
A dead man keeps living the remembered thoughts.


Tumblewords: said...

Each line is a powerhouse of imagery. A wonderful read!

nan said...

Stark and powerful. The imagery is so detailed, and it all burns away. Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

Really cool the way the first poem seems to peel away all the possible stories, while the second suggests them in again. Nice!

flaubert said...

Wayne as always your imagery is delightful to read.
Happy weekend to you and yours,

gautami tripathy said...

What imagery! Very powerful!

I wrote one more:

dead man and his bottle of wine

Deb said...

Oh, I like this. The pulsing moves from grave to waking to walking, all of the same. "Nothing ends and never stops." So true!

brenda w said...

Wayne, What a great read! Engaging images from start to finish...nothing ends..I love that the dead man keeps living the remembered thoughts. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

I think you have come closest to meeting the demands of the prompt of all the poems I ahve read so far.

BTW, I love 'Rebirth'.

Anonymous said...

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