Friday, September 17, 2010


this is a slight variation of poem AUTUMN MIST...from WWP ...only using three words from the wordle in red


every morning I awake to the ravens chant
as the ochre leaves fall over the garden
plants braided by forget-me-nots and tears
summertime now sleeping inside the pods
old roots hide as they feel the snow coming
orange poppies skirt the wind before dying
half-eaten garlic falls to my hands
I rise to the autumn morning


Anonymous said...

Actually, I like that you used only three words - few poems I've read have successfully used all twelve... Love this autumn morning scene I get to envision through your words - I'm especially taken with plants braided by forget-me-nots and tears. Really lovely!

Anonymous said...

Although I liked this the first time around, I actually like the additions quite a bit. Somehow makes it more immediate.


Systematic Weasel said...

Wayne, I'd believe it to be Autumn if it were bit cooler, lol! Very much enjoyed reading this one! Excellent post! =)


Bloggin'withAmanda said...

My gosh, so vivid I can feel those poppies brushing my cheeks!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful picture of autumn mornings you paint.

Jinksy said...

Autumn painted nicely with words.

rallentanda said...

Lovely pictures you paint in words and paint. Sounds as if you really love this time of year. Betcha looking forward to Cuba
ole Rumba Champ.

Derrick said...

This may be called cheating, Wayne :o) - but those few changes are very good! I like the ravens' chant.

Jeeves said...

Lovely poem