Wednesday, September 15, 2010


first line in italics credit Fireflies-Owl City


I'd like to make myself believe
every morning an ochre color falls from the tree
which the ravens spread over the garden
the plants braided by forget-me-nots and tears
summertime which was awake now sleeps inside the pods
the old roots hide as they see the snow coming
the orange poppies contemplate the wind without dying
the garlic fall to my hands I raise
I believe
in the autumn mist


flaubert said...

Beautiful images and words!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful and colorful. Garlic was a nice touch. Thanks Wayne, and your house is absolutely adorable.

Mary said...

Glad to see your poem here today. Autumn mist is indeed very present this time of year.

pwf said...

I like the old roots hiding. roots are smarter than buds.

Anonymous said...


gautami tripathy said...


warming up the worms

Tumblewords: said...

What a beauty this one is! It speaks to the coming change.

Anonymous said...

Catches the mood of onset of autumn brilliantly. Do you have a floor yet?

Derrick said...

I particularly like "the plants braided by forget-me-nots and tears". Perfect thoughts for Autumn. Love the house, Wayne!

Anonymous said...

hi wayne... a perfect poem... and yr paintings well, i like them all... if i could i would buy and hang on a wall....

Deb said...

Beautiful, especially with "canola field" sitting next to it.