Wednesday, July 28, 2010


WWP#12...using ...Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow as a prompt


yesterday he stood in Pigeon Square
staring at the empty bottles of wine
forgetting where it all went
memorizing the wordless puzzles
confessing all is not lost

today he sits in Pigeon Square
smashing pumpkins
yelling at the crowd in front of him
without regard or reason
counteracting the silence within

tommorow he dances with the pigeons
sings to the crowd of ravens
remembering all the forgotten words
with no regrets of yesterday
before migrating


Mary said...

Wayne, this is excellent and so very original. I have enjoyed everyone's take on this prompt. In this poem, I don't see too much difference between the doings of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Perhaps this is the way of it, Wayne.

Diane T said...

Wayne, the images are so strong in this poem.

I think to embracetoday we have to have no regrets about yesterday.

Anonymous said...

oh, love it wayne! is this a fictional man? I see a guy on a three-day bender.

however, I can't wait for the tomorrow when I can remember all the words ... and dance with the pigeons.


Anonymous said...

and ps: I love the foothills painting up top on your sidebar.

Stan Ski said...

I'm not sure if I should feel sorry for his loneliness or celebrate his absence of regret.

Derrick said...

Probably better to forget where all the wine went, just remember the words and sing, Wayne!

flaubert said...

Wayne this is an excellent take on the prompt? Is this a fictional character?
Nonetheless it is great!

Anonymous said...

Memory without regret. That seems like it would be a powerful thing.

Anonymous said...

I like the movement in this poem. No looking back with regrets—time to look ahead.