Thursday, May 20, 2010



blinded by the light I couldn't see
looking into the dark side of my mind
I finally saw myself
not for what I was or who I will be
but what I am
a boring subnormal scarecrow
locked in a room
with hang-ups on forged dreams
helpless and deserted in a broken wheelchair
travelling slow nowhere heading somewhere
feeling the pressures of too many drugs
and the godless nurse who lost the key
empty from forgotten prescriptions
and lies from the carnival of doctors
who tried to invent me then re invent me
attempting to fix all or nothing
or allow me to escape from this insane asylum
and see the pigeons shit on their heads
always watching me drenching my mind
as I searched for the right channel
that had baroque music with cartoons
or where lovers faded into dust and ashes
frozen by their difficulties they couldn't melt
while I wait in this stalled wheelchair
for the second coming of someone
or the nurse with the key


anthonynorth said...

This was powerful and had such a stark sense of desperation running through it. Excellently done.

flaubert said...

Super powerful words here. Desperation aptly put.

Dee Martin said...

a a shout - took me beyond tears.

Marja said...

A chilling very powerful great poem

Linda said...

Wayne -- thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your thoughts. This poem, so dark and intimate -- a look into the mind of a lonely, hurt soul. Damn that nurse...

Anonymous said...


Raven's Wing Poetry said...

Wow...I felt the aftermath of this poem in the pit of my stomach. This reads like the end of fear...I've sometimes seen myself like this, only worse. This will be bouncing around inside me for a while, maybe turn into something good. Thank you for sharing.


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