Sunday, May 30, 2010


sitting around after hours at the Harlem Nocturne
drinking the best bootleg whiskey we could buy
mixed with the aural flow of the blues
and the emotion filled voice of Blind Willie Johnson
his exquisite slide guitar moaning like a wounded animal
the soul of a man transcending darkness into light
screaming and crying without weeping
making sure the lights keep shining
with Blind Lemon Jefferson's high voice
and black snake moan at odds with the music
in the dark
but always able to see
the poor epileptic fellow in the corner
and the peach orchid mama at the front table
eyes closed
keeping time in the tin cup blues
waiting for the second coming
of Blind Willie and Blind Lemon
where love is dark and blind
we sit


Stan Ski said...

Great images and a fine tribute to blues legends.

Linda said...

All that dark and blindness...but with beautifully lit images. Loved, "peach orchid mama," and the bootleg whiskey! Has a very New Orleans feel...

anthonynorth said...

You're sitting in a great place there.

Anonymous said...

I loved everything about this, the music, the place, and most of all the people. Thankyo.

brenda said...

Beautiful soft spoken rhythm...I can hear it read in my head. "guitar moaning like a wounded animal..." Love what it evokes.
Well crafted...thanks!

flaubert said...

Wayne love the imagery you conjure up here! Very well done!

Marja said...

What a lovely atmosphere you created. I could spend some time there

Dee Martin said...

I could almost feel the humidity, evening sweat, smoke, and stale beer smell. Loved it.

Nicola Batty said...

I could see your Blues guitarist's sitting round drinking and waiting... the power of the words should be set to music - with Blues guitar of course!

Robin said...

Oh yea! Take me there!!! You've conjured up the mood and the sounds so vividly.

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