Wednesday, January 13, 2010


RWP#109 using some of the words (in BOLD)


Walking along the Rio Pecos

with some shaman poet

our bodies reverbrating

to the drummed earth below

enthusiasts for the words of truth

unknown pagans asking questions

from the ghost riders

and the black shouldered ravens

that fly in the energy washed skies

moving to the mysteries

of the fertile celestial world

with the guilded monuments of marble

and simple stones

gargling froth from our lungs

corrupted with mescaline

drunk on water and sundered hearts

searching for chaos of the mind

from some Krishna volcano

that surrendered open

listening to buddhist monks

playing jazz with Coltrane

under sundered skies of the Mescalero



along the Rio Pecos.


anthonynorth said...

This was so very lively and descriptive.

Anonymous said...

Great job getting the words in. I really got a good sense of both actual terrain and human scene, and as usual you had great allusions and flow.

rallentanda said...

I liked this poem with its quest for the truth from the black shouldered ravens.Great imagery.Walking Walking reminds of that Grace Jones song.Good one!

rallentanda said...

Love that picture of you and Vreni.You are such a snappy dresser Wayne...way too cool!

Raven's Wing Poetry said...

Damn. I love this entire poem, and I see you carried your ravens over from last week's poem :). My favourite passage has to be "corrupted with mescaline/drunk on water and sundered hearts/searching for chaos of the mind/from some Krishna volcano/"that surrendered open."

I'm always looking for chaos of the mind. I think it's like a tightrope. You just have to know how to walk it.

I wonder who your shaman poet friend is.

Well done. I'm glad I stopped by to read.


Karen said...

I can really feel of the times and the situation of these walkers through your excellent choice of images. Great poem!

flaubert said...

"Listening to Buddhist's monks playing jazz with Coltrane" I love that line. Really cool!


Anonymous said...

lovely, lovely! wonderful title and images here -- I especially love the "black-shouldered ravens." thanks for this one!


Derrick said...

Hi Wayne,

Those "black shouldered ravens" are a hit! And I also love "the guilded monuments of marble/and simple stones".

Tumblewords: said...

A delight to read and contemplate!

Anonymous said...

Ohh, I really like the rhythm in this piece - lovely music and imagery. 'searching for chaos of the mind'.. I mean who admits to that.. lol! Love the authenticity of it and it's powers of enlightenment. Fabulous!

Deb said...

I liked the rhythmic walking, walking and how it circles back. Great use of the words!

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