Sunday, January 4, 2009


"Keep Hikin".....The words of Stephen, who I met when he was teaching creative writing at San Francisco College in 1966. In 1968 I went back down to SF to hang out and dig the great music scene happening. On Monday nights I usually hung out at the Gallery Lounge at SF College to listen to the ramblings of Stephen....where he had a class that included marxism, meditation, sex, acid, love and everything in between.....very enlightening at the time. Stephen always ended his class with "keep hikin". Stephen was a very bright, long haired beatnik who always said he was getting out of the city and "hikin to the country". A couple of years he did just that. Stephen started a caraven of busses and head out with a bunch of called hippies. They ended up in Tennessee where he was the founder of "The Farm Community". Anyways over 40 years later Im still "hikin". Remembering what Stephen meant when he said "keep hikin". He loved SF and wasnt "hikin" from the city to another place. He was hikin to that "other place"........himSELF. He said, "you can BE anywhere". You can take what you learn here...acid, marxism, love, whatever.. or leave it behind as you "keep hikin". Wherever you hike just BE....something im still learning.....just to BE. So I hope that somewhat explains ....POGA......from POker to POga.....and everything inbetween . Just BE. Like Stephen alwasy said "keep hikin...............and it aint easy".

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