Saturday, January 3, 2009

For sure he tried to tell me
as I nodded my deadhead
with no excuse.
He told me that the sun
chases the moon.
And I laughed....ha ha ha
there is no use.
He was acting like
a devil again.
Then he asked...does the fish
chase the ocean ?
I laughed again the birds
chase the sky?
Now he knew the fight
was on.
I said .. "popsicle stick like a
snow angel
breaks and melts
old cowboy boots."
He replied "the match will strike the gas
and free the flames."
I said "cowtown with no name."
He said " hoe hoe hoe."
Pissed off I said " bombs, guns, gas, fires."
He looked at me smirking,
"the devil knows you can't win."
I laughed again....ha ha ha
and said, "the magic dragon is on my side."