Sunday, March 9, 2014

ROOM 1403


                                                photo Lee Plaza Bonnie Bleeccher

                 ROOM 1403

in that drunken room
where the pulled down curtains
would hide his gloom
as the flamingos danced

drinking with loneliness
where his psyche was senseless
and the whiskey made him wise
he sang with the angels

he always sat in his big chair
getting ready for the next one
always surprised with the laughter
from he room next door

he never turned on the TV
so he stared at the light bulb
remembering his younger days
with no concept of failure

he never spoke
as he talked with his poems
forgetting his assured success
would never make him rich

he had such great fun in that room
dancing with the flamingos
singing with the angels
staring  at the light bulb

and writing that last poem


Brian Miller said...

i am glad he found little joys
because there is bittersweat feel the the room...a loneliness...

think you dropped a t in (t)he room next door

Kutamun said...

Poignant , Wayne , seems he may have ended up Rich after all.......

Other Mary said...

Dancing with flamingos and singing with angels...this is quite touching and most definitely bittersweet.

Karen S. said...

Such a deep sense of place and his woes so easily spared with simple pleasures! I like his sense of talking with his poems over people.

Tess Kincaid said...

The flamingos an unexpected touch...but adds so much...well done Wayne...

Bekkie Sanchez said...

I really liked this and sorry I missed it last week!