Wednesday, April 18, 2012


with the rising sun
in the dawning of a new day
a poet's work starts

I sit in a dark attic
awaiting the developing light of day
into the late hours of the night
when tears fall from my eyes

this vigil I must hold
and repel wrongdoings
to nod off and sleep

I know the voice will be heard
before the silence of darkness
receive the sounds with grace

whatever words comes to me
I accept with gratitude
a poem's heart in love


nan said...

This is lovely. The second to last stanza is full of hope, faith, and nicely written. It is my favorite, and begs re-reading.

De said...

I love the idea of it as a "vigil," important work we are doing. Nice.

Friko said...

I hope the wait for inspiration is not always as painful as you describe it here.

Jill Zaheer said...

Lovely. Thought provoking and reflective! Thank you.

Not Applicable said...

Nice write as always.. I have also nominated you for a VBA