Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Walking on the hungry sidewalk, I met a homeless lady who
took me to her shelter. The shelter had nothing, just
two wet tarpaulins. She invited me to stay and sleep, though
I hadn't had a meal in a week.

"When we awake we shall find food," she muttered, and stroked
my beard to comfort me.

I dreamt of chickens roasting, grease dripping like gravy
from their beaks. There was a hole in my stomach when I awoke,
in which I could see the emptiness.

chickens munching
on grain - hungry
beaks side by side


T. A. Smith said...

I just ate dinner, and I'm hungry again. Simple language creating strong, emotional images. Thank you for your recent visit and comment. :)

Yousei Hime

The Happy Amateur said...

This is chilling... A very believable portrayal of hunger, raw, scary images.

Hannah said...

Very real in evoking place and feeling, nicely done, Wayne.

my heart's love songs on wordpress said...

intense, powerful images!

Brian Miller said...

def like wayne...a bit surreal with the hole, but spot on in that state...nice grit as well....

Friko said...

hunger on a different level.

Claire said...

Sad and raw ~ gripping stuff.

flaubert said...

Nice one Wayne!