Sunday, June 19, 2011



sitting on the charnel ground
listening to the bones bark back
drinking tea eating brownies
feeling passive to aspects of fate
unable to figure out the meaning
of the organic rectangles
beneath the canopy of rusty polyester
balanced on threshold of life

hearing dragons conversing with cyborgs
talking trash about fusion and empathy
and their physical and mental capabilities
hearing loud Moroccan music
unable to defer the chiropractic adjustments
of the disembodied words
beneath the counter of mental illness
balanced on threshold of life

dancing around the spots on the leopard
focused on peripheral events
drinking a cup of the Arabian Sea
rubbing lemon balm on aluminum foil
unable to hear the muted sounds
of the barking bones
beneath the charnel ground
balanced on threshold of life


annell said...

I want to walk through the threshold you describe!

flaubert said...

Excellent Wayne. Love the repetition. That picture of you and your grand-baby is lovely.


kaykuala said...

Balanced on the threshold of life, how lovely. Life goes on. Great!

Judie said...

Wayne, this is a very moving and spiritual piece. Bravo!

briarcat said...

cute kid. you two have matching grins.
I spend time dithering over that second threshold. Uncomfortable place, well pictured.