Sunday, April 3, 2011


many thought it was happy nothing
empty children's morning television
Mr. Dressup at Buttercup Square
leading through series of songs
stories, arts, crafts
imagination games

with the help of his friends
Casey and Finnegan
a child and dog that lived in a tree house
occasional visitors Alligator Al and Aunt Bird
Chester the Crow and Truffles
Granny and Lorenzo the Raccoon

the famous segment featured his Tickle Trunk
where the costumes were stored
costumes to dress up for skits
playing a policeman a fireman an animal
sometimes tickling the lock
when the trunk wouldn't open

then it was over
no more tree house
no more Tickle Trunk
no more costumes
no more Casey and Finnegan
his last show in 1996


flaubert said...

A delightful romp through the past, Wayne.


Marianne said...

Well done! This brought back so many memories from my childhood. There was a local show called Axel and His Treehouse, and of course, Captain Kangaroo. For my children, there was Mr. Rogers who had the unique ability to make the world more beautiful.

Stan Ski said...

Your link on Writers Island doesn't work for me and I had to get here by the long route but it was well worth the journey. Don't know Mr. Dressup but I'm sure he was a great entertainer.

zouxzoux said...

A lovely trip down memory lane - thanks for sharing.

SweetTalkingGuy said...

Wonderful characters you describe so eloquently! I'm sorry those days are over now, but are they? You certainly bring them back to life for me!

Mary said...

Very poignant, Wayne. I don't know Mr. Dressup either. Was he a Canadian whose work perhaps did not reach the US?

Wayne Pitchko said...

Yes Mr Dressup was Canadian CBC production....great girls loved it. Ernie Coombes (Mr Dressup) actually was from Eastern states and moved to Canada in early 60s

soulsmusic said...

I didn't know Mr Dressup, but I certainly knew Captain Kangaroo and Mr Rogers. I like the idea of a Tickle Trunk. Good memories and thanks for sharing them,


imnotaverse said...

I don't know the characters but I do know how sad it is when a beloved childhood show is cancelled.

lucychili said...

yes some kinds of art? are wholly the creation of a person and leave with them

i feel like that about seuss
people are messing with his work in film
but it isnt the same