Wednesday, February 23, 2011


inside a flute listening to the holes
without thinking
without knowledge
watching the quiet voices dance
listening to the silent music
playing tag with the sounds

beside two bears listening to nothing
with courage
with mindfulness
watching the sun set
listening to the silent growls within
playing no games with the mind

outside under the weeping willow
with another journey
with closed eyes
watching nothingness between the blinks
listening to the birds at the feeder
playing games with the seeds

inside myself listening to breath
without reason
without anything
watching the noisy thoughts stop
listening to the quiet monkey
playing no games inside a safe place


flaubert said...

How nice Wayne. This is so peaceful.


Anonymous said...

the places one travels are not very far... congrats on the baby gramps...

Mad Kane said...

That was lovely and very musical. Thanks!
Mad Kane

Anonymous said...

I gedit! I truly admire the state of being empty but mindful. That serenity is maybe the only safe place. Thanks for writing this, Wayne.

Anonymous said...

Happy grandparenting!!

Mary said...

The emptiness of the wholeness is something that charms me, and reminds me of Tao. Beautiful and serene.
Thanks for sharing!

vivinfrance said...

I admire both form and content of this lovely poem, specially the first stanza.

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence: I had just put down my Native American flute, was thinking about it's powers for meditative wholeness when this page opened.

You nailed this one, I think.

Anonymous said...

Your words lull and calm, beautiful response to the prompt,


lightverse said...

Wayne - what a tranquil, 'happy place' poem. I love the line, "...playing tag with the sounds..." I feel soothed just having read your work!

Anonymous said...

Yea, it doesn't need to be complex does it? And thanks for the lovely painting your poem makes. And the images you use, make less encouragement of too much "thought-full-ness". Nice job Wayne.