Saturday, December 19, 2009


RWP#105 using some of the prompt words
Legendary Stars and Old Cars
Somewhere East of Eden
deep in the Mojave desert
curled in the back seat
of my 52 Meteor convertible
under the moon and joshua trees
I awaken in some graveyard
of legendary stars and old cars
frozen tombs and zuit suits
a rusted Porsche
with James Dean at the wheel
still on speed
Marilyn in the backseat
searching for chloral hydrate
parked next to a rusted 51 Caddy
with Hank beatin on a jug of wine
hey good lookin
what ya got cookin
cook some up for me
subdued humans
legendary stars and old cars
in a desert graveyard
somewhere East of Eden
reading Steinback
searching for sureal poems
and lost peyote buttons.


Anonymous said...

Shades of Kerouac, Corso, Ferlinghetti and all who wandered East of Eden. And any poem that namechecks Hank Williams gets my vote!

anthonynorth said...

That was a great take on the Beat generation.

Anonymous said...

Such a unique use of the Wordle words! The title is irresistible -- I had to read one. You took me to an unexpected place, and it was fun to get there. I hope you save your poems to share with your grandchildren, Wayne.

Karen said...

I am so glad I came here! This is one of those poems I end with my mouth agape, thinking, how did he do that?

Jeeves said...

Wow! Like this

Irene said...

Great trip Wayne..enjoyed the surreality.

Anonymous said...

This poem was a nifty ride, really captures the people, the scene and the time. I love "lost peyote buttons," as where it's all going.

Derrick said...

Hi Wayne,

Did you really have a 52 Meteor?! Icons all. A really nice concoction.

Wayne Pitchko said...

YES Derrick my second car was a 52 Meteor. only place you see one now (original one) is in Havana...alon with many more classics. i guess one of the reasons i love Cuba so much....besides the great people..are the old American cars and baseball..a love of mine and a love of Cuba....cheers and happy holidays

jill said...

Great way to end my night- with such clever writing- a smile on my face- and the feeling that I can't wait to come back again! Enjoy the sparkle of the season!

Paul Oakley said...

You strongly deliver here, taking me to a time, and a way, and a place.

searching for chloral hydrate
searching for sureal poems
and lost peyote buttons.

Seek and you shall find... part of it anyway. I like the way you echo the searching.

Sorry it took me so long to read your poem. I love your style generally, and this is a great example.

Kimberlee said...

I really like the use of Joshua trees among all of the other images. Nice work. :D

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :D My art piece is still "in progress" because I haven't done much with it, but I worked on it a bit the other day.

Take care!